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Herbert Meets: Sophia Bacelar

Herbert Meets: Sophia Bacelar

Photo by Dovile Sermokas

Sophia Bacelar and I first connected a couple of years ago when I came across a video of her performing  Bridge Sonata and was instantly taken in. As I have gotten to know her a bit better, I discovered a thoughtfulness, studiousness and passion that underlies everything she does, (which in hindsight is what shone through in that video). I wanted to learn more about what drives Sophia and what is coming up for this rising cellist. 

Sophia, I know it’s been a very busy year for you, can you share some of the highlights?

My move to New York, getting a dog (@cubathehapa), starting my Artist Diploma at
Julliard, finding my gym (whose logo I got tattooed!) and its community, and the
evolution of relationships with the people around me.

And you managed to fit in some performances – I saw a video of you performing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York –  how did this come about? read more

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