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Herbert meets a voice of hope: Italian Opera Singer Laura Baldassari

Laura Baldassari by Luca Bruno / Associated Press

Italy, which has been one of the countries hit by the coronavirus the hardest is currently living through a national lockdown.

Last Friday, a musical flash mob launched throughout the country, a show of solidarity and community, which has caught international attention and admiration. 

Italian soprano Laura Baldassari leaned out of her window and joined in with her neighbours and country men and women. Like many others, we were deeply touched by the story and reached out to Laura to learn more about how this came about and what life is like for her and her community at this difficult time.  read more

Herbert Meets: Willie Alexander

Herbert Meets: Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander is a New York based musician and composer whose journey began with the accidental discovery of his singing talent. Fast-forward to today and Willie has just completed a five year stint with the San Francisco Symphony and now lives in New York where he is composing – most recently the music for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Fashion show. 

I soon found out when listening to his story that Willie is tenacious, warm and unafraid to get to the heart of the matter, so that’s exactly what we did.  read more

Sandra Hamaoui

Herbert Meets: Sandra Hamaoui

Herbert Meets: Sandra Hamaoui

Meet Sandra Hamaoui @sandrahamaoui – rising 24-year-old French – American soprano.  

Sandra is currently a singer at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and will be performing the roles of Pamina in Die Zauberflöte, Ninette in L’amour des trois oranges, Annina in La Traviata in this coming season. Herbert was curious for me to find out more about the singer, her life and why she had chosen to pursue opera.

And, there’s an extra treat with this one – Sandra has put together a playlist of her favourite opera music. An opera playlists curated by an opera singer, not bad.  read more

Herbert Uncovers: Maria Callas

Herbert Uncovers: Maria Callas 

A longer post – you have been warned. 

Everything really started for me in classical music with opera singer, Maria Callas.(1923 -1977).

I didn’t know anything (nor do I really now) about opera but I know how I felt when I first heard Callas sing – and it was ‘a lot’. I didn’t understand the words, I didn’t understand the context but when I heard this song playing from the kitchen as a teen (mum was cooking)- I felt an extraordinary wave of emotion that I had never felt from any voice or any song ever before.  read more

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