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Herbert Meets: Lady Jess

Herbert Meets: Lady Jess

Lady Jess by Zach Hyman 

Lady Jess is a New-York based violinist who between touring with Beyoncé, Max Richter and the The Roots also co-artistic directs the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra, whose mission is to promote the work of underrepresented groups in classical music with a priority on music by women and people of colour. I wanted to get an insight into Lady Jess’ ethos and background and what had contributed to making her the committed and unapologetic artist she is today.  read more

Herbert Meets: Isabel Hagen

Herbert meets: Isabel Hagen

Feature Shot by Celeste Sloman

Isabel Hagen is a stand-up comedian and classically trained violist that combines the two in an unexpectedly charming way. As well as collaborating with Björk, Max Richter, The National, and Steve Reich, she had her debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon just before the lockdown. I was curious to understand more about this artist as well as the challenges she faced carving her unique path and discovered that Isabel has thoughtful, focused and passionate energy which also resonates from everything she does.  read more

Herbert Meets: Darian Thomas

Herbert Meets: Darian Thomas

Darian Thomas Self-Portrait.

I wanted to find out more about Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Darian Thomas after hearing and his track ‘Marble,’ which was released on May 29th part of a stunning compilation ‘String Layers’ from 7K! 

After getting to know him a bit better, it turned out that much like his music, Darian is a multi-faceted, exacting and forward-thinking artist that is carving his own exciting creative path.  read more

Herbert Meets: Willie Alexander

Herbert Meets: Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander is a New York based musician and composer whose journey began with the accidental discovery of his singing talent. Fast-forward to today and Willie has just completed a five year stint with the San Francisco Symphony and now lives in New York where he is composing – most recently the music for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Fashion show. 

I soon found out when listening to his story that Willie is tenacious, warm and unafraid to get to the heart of the matter, so that’s exactly what we did.  read more

Sugar Vendil

Herbert Meets: Sugar Vendil

Herbert meets: Sugar Vendil

Meet Sugar Vendil, NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP), a music ensemble that collaborates with visual artists, dancers, and fashion designers.

Herbert has been following Sugar for a while and was curious to find out more about her, her influences, what the inspiration was behind her fusing of fashion and classical music and her upcoming talk at SXSW 2018.   

Was there a ‘moment’ when you fell in love with classical music?   read more

Sugar Vendil

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Sugar Vendil

Who? Sugar Vendil

What? NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of (a badass) all-female contemporary classical group ‘The Nouveau Classical Project’ (below)

The Nouveau Classical Project ‘brings fashion to the forefront of their performances’ by showcasing the designs of up-and-coming fashion designers. Collaborations include Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, Kempner Collection and Tanya Taylor read more

Herbert Meets: Layla Felder

Herbert Meets: Layla Felder

Meet Layla Felder, a 13 year old opera lover that lives in Atlanta. 

I came across Layla’s Instagram page (@kaopweb) and had to reach out to find out where her love of opera came from.

So Layla, where did your love for opera come from?

When I was still in my mom’s tummy she would put headphones on her stomach and play Mozart so I could hear the music – he’s still my favorite composer to this day. When I was around two or three years old I was watching Sesame St. and Denyce Graves came on to sing “The Habañera” from Bizet’s “Carmen” to Elmo.  After she finished singing- I turned to my mom and said “Again, Again!!”    read more

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