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Herbert meets a voice of hope: Italian Opera Singer Laura Baldassari

Laura Baldassari by Luca Bruno / Associated Press

Italy, which has been one of the countries hit by the coronavirus the hardest is currently living through a national lockdown.

Last Friday, a musical flash mob launched throughout the country, a show of solidarity and community, which has caught international attention and admiration. 

Italian soprano Laura Baldassari leaned out of her window and joined in with her neighbours and country men and women. Like many others, we were deeply touched by the story and reached out to Laura to learn more about how this came about and what life is like for her and her community at this difficult time.  read more

Good Vibes Only: Herbert Meets Unit 31

Good Vibes Only: Herbert Meets Unit 31 

Unit 31 is a collective founded by two musicians and a filmmaker that connects artists across London’s creative community.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Raffy Bushman and Julian Prentis – two core members of the team – to find out the story behind the space, their exhibition, which celebrates the last 5 years at Unit 31 and that culminates in their final installment of chamber music on 15th December.

Photo by Karolina Wielocha  read more

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