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sophia bacelar

Herbert Meets: Sophia Bacelar

Herbert Meets: Sophia Bacelar

Photo by Dovile Sermokas

Sophia Bacelar and I first connected a couple of years ago when I came across a video of her performing  Bridge Sonata and was instantly taken in. As I have gotten to know her a bit better, I discovered a thoughtfulness, studiousness and passion that underlies everything she does, (which in hindsight is what shone through in that video). I wanted to learn more about what drives Sophia and what is coming up for this rising cellist. 

Sophia, I know it’s been a very busy year for you, can you share some of the highlights?

My move to New York, getting a dog (@cubathehapa), starting my Artist Diploma at
Julliard, finding my gym (whose logo I got tattooed!) and its community, and the
evolution of relationships with the people around me.

And you managed to fit in some performances – I saw a video of you performing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York –  how did this come about? read more

Yena Choi

Herbert Meets: Yena Choi

Herbert meets: Yena Choi

Words by Faye Fearon @Fayeisabella

Cello chic – those are the words that best describe Korean-European cellist Yena Choi @yenastic. With a harmonious relationship to her much-loved musical partner – the cello – she not only parades a large repertoire in classical music, but also crosses the boundaries of alternative genres. And fields too – one quick glance of her instagram account demonstrates an enthusiasm for art, photography and fashion. Having graduted from Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin Germany, she now lives in California as a faculty member of the state’s International Music Festival and Azusa Pacific University. read more

Samuel Sykes

Herbert Meets: Samuel Sykes

Herbert Meets: Samuel Sykes 

Following Sykes’ ‘One To Watch’ feature last month @samuelsykescello, I wanted to find out more about the 16 year old cellist, what he’s working on, his inspirations and his plans.

All photographs by Vince Di Francesco

So Sam, are you working on anything at the moment? 

Yes! I am currently working on a duet album with one of my best friends, which will include both a range of baroque and modern works. 

Cool – what were your main inspirations for this?  read more

Abi Wade

Herbert Meets: Abi Wade

Herbert meets: Abi Wade

Meet Abi Wade, Brighton-based cellist, singer, producer and writer.

Her brand new single ‘A Bit Like Love,’ a first offering into Abi’s truly magical musical world, was just released on Friday 19th January and was picked up by CLASH as their track of the day. Pre-Order album with exclusive interactive artwork here .

Not only that, but Abi has her own radio show ‘Celebrating the Female Voice’ on totally radio, which showcases songs across genres from the 60’s to today- check out the latest one here read more

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Samuel Sykes

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Samuel Sykes 

Who? Samuel Sykes @samuelsykescello

What? 16 year-old classical cellist currently under the tutelage of Crispin Campbell and a junior at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

Why? Apart from currently working on an album with one of his best friends, he wants to grow his instagram community with the goal to provide more resources for other classical musicians through social media.

This guy’s really ambitious and Herbert and I like what we see.   read more

Claire Solomon

Herbert Meets: Claire Solomon

Herbert meets: Claire Solomon 

Meet Cellist Claire Marie Solomo @clairemarie.cello.

After speaking to Claire for only short while, it turns our that she is also passionate about bringing more people into classical music.  

Scroll down to find out more…

Photo by Nick Rouke

So Claire, why is it important for you that more young people listen to classical music?  

Our world seems to grow more taxing every day. Classical music is one way of retreating from that world. It can be nourishing, relaxing, exciting, and challenging, but most importantly I feel like it’s an antidote to the ways in which our lives can wear us out. read more

Herbert’s One’s To Watch | Kelsey Lu

Herbert Uncovers: Kesley Lu 

All hail Lady Lu. 

Lu, (nb: she doesn’t like ‘kelsey’) started studying classical composition at the age of 6, picked up the cello at age 9 and studied cello performance at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Her music is thoughtful, her cello playing is real and so present and her voice is girlish, honest and haunting.

Lu is a hot topic and there are lots of great features/ interviews out there: Fact Magazine | Pitchfork | Elle | Vogue | | I-D.  She’s also fresh off her first Glastonbury appearance and has an upcoming Superbowl collaboration with Solange in September 2017. read more

Jacqueline du Pré

Jacqueline du Pré and Me

Jacqueline du Pré and Me 

Jacqueline du Pré was a cellist, and probably one of the most celebrated cellists in recent history.

She and her husband, legendary conductor Daniel Barenboim toured the world together during the sixties and seventies, playing sold out concert halls like rockstars.  

Tragically, Jacqueline was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which meant that could no longer play from the age of 27 and she died when she was only 42.

Herbert noticed that cellist Maria Lopes Da Cunha @_stargazer_ post about Jacqueline Du Pré on her instagram account andwanted to find out if and what impact Jacqueline has had on her as an artist. read more

Devonté Hynes

Herbert Spotlight | Devonté Hynes

Herbert Spotlight | Devonté Hynes 

Herbert had to create a new type of feature to showcase the amazing work that Dev Hynes / Devonté Hynes / Blood Orange has just created. 

Photo by Bella Howard.

Dev / Devonté Hynes aka. Blood Orange has just finished an artist residency at NumeroVenti,– a studio in Florence for contemporary art and design development. The studio is also open to local and international artists for co-living and studio working space  read more

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