Sarah Neutkens

Sarah Neutkens is a Dutch composer, model, artist and writer.

The 23 year old composer has already released three albums: Cumulus (2018), Pieces for Strings (2019) and September (2020), which embody her breadth of expression as a composer and her timeless and bold composition style.

Sarah’s music has drawn international critical acclaim with recent features on BBC Radio 3 (2020) and Harper’s Bazaar (2021).

Upcoming engagements include the release of her debut novel with Uitgeverij Prometheus, a multi-disciplinary performance at The Royal Theatre, Carré, Amsterdam, and her new album is slated for global release in early 2022.  

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Casual Melancholia

Casual Melancholia is a Swiss composer and pianist.

Casual Melancholia’s practice is centred around a conversation between today’s sounds and technology and the techniques and practices of the Baroque period.

His work explores these relationships through blending neo-classical, electronic and cinematic soundscapes, forming his signature sound.

His fearless approach to bringing lightness and darkness together in his compositions has drawn collaborators from the film, fashion and dance world including rising Parisian designer Alphonse Maître Pierre (SS20 fashion show), NOWNESS and choreographer Lali Ayguade.

Casual Melancholia is currently scoring the music for two feature films. His latest collaboration ‘Avant Tim,’ Alexis Diop, was awarded Grand Prix Du Jury at the FFIB (2021.)

Recent and upcoming credits include:

Maestro, Apple TV, prod. Harry Tordjman/myboxprod (2021)

Frangipani Rising, Andrea Hachuel (2020)

Avant Tim, Alexis Diop (2020)

Long Life the Queen, Coline Abert (slated for 2021)

Silverstar, Ruben Amar (slated for 2022)

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