Who is Herbert?

Who is Herbert? 

is a voice that tells me that everyone likes classical music even if they don't know it yet. 

Herbert is relentless

Herbert is sometimes a pain in the ass

But, Herbert is always right. 

What does Herbert believe? 

Herbert believes that classical music is worth it because it gives you an escape. It makes your heart expand to the edges of your chest, it gives you goosebumps (little half ones and full on proper ones), it’s cinematic, it’s big, it’s bold, it’s delicate, it’s difficult. It's everything and it's everywhere. 

What does Herbert want? 

Herbert wants me to meet with and give a platform to young classical musicians that deserve to be discovered.    

Herbert wants you to discover great old and new classical music through my playlists. 

Herbert wants me to put on events 

But ultimately, Herbert wants to me to build a new ecosystem for classical music artists and to create a new way of bringing them to market, so that you can see what Herbert sees in classical music.  

Take a leap of faith