Herbert Picks: 5 Best Classical Music Playlists

Herbert has been asked countless times to suggest 'good' classical music playlists.

Your wish is my command. So here we go: 5 best classical music playlists that we're listening to at Herbert HQ right now.  

5 best classical music playlists
  1. Headphone Commute Daily 

Curated by: The author behind the brilliant Headphone Commute

What to expect? 

Good and broad selection of modern classical & electronic music. Mellow, calming - perfect for bathtime. 

Follow Headphone Commute on Spotify here 

2. Future Classical Soundscapes

Curated by: Sonorospace 

What to expect?

Modern classical music showcasing emerging international artists. Meditative, uplifting and great for discovery. 

Follow Sonorospace on Spotify here

3. This is: Philip Glass 

Curated by: Spotify 

What to expect?

Selection of Philip Glass' 'greatest.' Inspiring, soul enriching and relaxing. It's not only a beautiful selection but a really good way to get to the know the music of this legend. 

Follow Philip Glass on Spotify here 

4. Autumn 

Curated by: Sonorospace and Herbert Mag 

What to expect? 

A carefully curated selection of old and new classical music. I'm not just saying it because I collaborated on it, but it really is perfect music for the season. 

Follow Sonorospace on Spotify here and Herbert Mag here 

5. Contemplative Classical 

Curated by: Emmy Award winning  (Sherlock) composer & pianist Michael Price  and  film maker & audio engineer Samuel Ziajka

NB: Also the authors behind: Contemplative Classical 

What to expect? 

Another contemporary classical music playlist, updated weekly celbrating emerging and established contemporary talent. Good for concentration, intelligently chosen, meditative. 

Follow Michael Price on Spotify: here 


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