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Lady Jess | Violinist

Herbert Meets: Lady Jess

Lady Jess by Zach Hyman 

Lady Jess is a New-York based violinist who between touring with Beyoncé, Max Richter and the The Roots also co-artistic directs the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra, whose mission is to promote the work of underrepresented groups in classical music with a priority on music by women and people of colour. I wanted to get an insight into Lady Jess’ ethos and background and what had contributed to making her the committed and unapologetic artist she is today.  read more

Eric Christian Von Fricken | Pianist, Composer

Herbert Meets: Eric Christian Von Fricken

Eric Christian Von Fricken by Chris Millington 

Eric Christian Von Fricken is a Brooklyn based pianist and composer with a deeply romantic musical style influenced by the  sounds of Chopin, Liszt, Ravel and Satie. Eric’s innate understanding of listeners has led him to grow an engaged and growing Instagram family of almost a quarter of a million fans. I was intrigued to understand more about his ethos, influences and how he cracked the social code.  read more

Herbert Meets: Zara Hudson Kozdoj

Herbert Meets: Zara Hudson Kozdoj

Zara Hudson Kozdoj by Denzel Gaisie 

Zara Hudson Kozdoj in a London-based cellist in the final year of her Masters at The Royal College of Music. She is also a member of Chineke! Orchestra, the first professional orchestra in Europe with majority black and minority ethnic musicians.  

I wanted to find out more about her experiences as a performer and her thoughts on the wider classical ecosystem and if it needed to change to stick with a younger generation.  read more

Yeethoven II

Herbert Meets: Johan & Yuga | Yeethoven II

Herbert Meets: Johan & Yuga | Yeethoven II

Meet Yuga Cohler and Johan – the brains behind Yeethoven + Yeethoven II, a project that brings together the music of musical giants Ludwig van Beethoven and Kanye West.

The first instalment: Yeethoven, was performed in April 2016 with the support of the Young Musicians Foundation. It sold out, received critical acclaim and is back.

Yeethoven II ft. Yeezus (2013) and Life of Pablo (2016) premiered in The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles on December 14th and it will be performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York on January 18th, 2018. read more

vincent hardaker

Herbert Meets: Vincent Hardaker

Herbert Presents: In The Pit | Vincent Hardaker

Herbert has always been fascinated with conductors and wanted to find out more about what their lives were actually like.

So… Herbert reached out to Vincent Hardaker @vincehardaker – one of New Zealand’s most promising up-and-coming conductors to see if he’d give us a sense of his daily routine…

Welcome to the first installment of:  ‘In the Pit’* 

*Pit = Orchestra Pit 


read more

Jacqueline du Pré

Jacqueline du Pré and Me

Jacqueline du Pré and Me 

Jacqueline du Pré was a cellist, and probably one of the most celebrated cellists in recent history.

She and her husband, legendary conductor Daniel Barenboim toured the world together during the sixties and seventies, playing sold out concert halls like rockstars.  

Tragically, Jacqueline was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which meant that could no longer play from the age of 27 and she died when she was only 42.

Herbert noticed that cellist Maria Lopes Da Cunha @_stargazer_ post about Jacqueline Du Pré on her instagram account andwanted to find out if and what impact Jacqueline has had on her as an artist. read more

jane birkin

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg | The Classical Music Love Affair

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg | The Classical Music Love Affair

On the back of Jane Birkin’s return to the stage with ‘Gainsbourg Symphonic’ at the Barbican last month, Herbert contributor, Faye Fearon explores the relationship between iconic model, actress and singer Jane Birkin and French composer Serge Gainsbourg and how it extended through to classical music. 

Photograph by Tony Frank | La Galerie De L’Instant  

Jane Birkin’s life mirrors a symphony. Movement after movement, her years of ageing have marked her transitions from one chain of a composition to another. Acting opened her illustrious interlude, followed by a blossoming relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, which subsequently led to a transition into recording music. Her final movement? A solidification of iconicity. She’s cemented a lifelong ability to exude a charming, charismatic aura, no matter what field she dips into. Her symphony has yet to come to a close, and that is in part thanks to her most recent ode to her former lover through the aid of the orchestral field.   read more

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