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Sugar Vendil

Herbert Meets: Sugar Vendil

Herbert meets: Sugar Vendil

Meet Sugar Vendil, NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP), a music ensemble that collaborates with visual artists, dancers, and fashion designers.

Herbert has been following Sugar for a while and was curious to find out more about her, her influences, what the inspiration was behind her fusing of fashion and classical music and her upcoming talk at SXSW 2018.   

Was there a ‘moment’ when you fell in love with classical music?   read more

Sugar Vendil

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Sugar Vendil

Who? Sugar Vendil

What? NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of (a badass) all-female contemporary classical group ‘The Nouveau Classical Project’ (below)

The Nouveau Classical Project ‘brings fashion to the forefront of their performances’ by showcasing the designs of up-and-coming fashion designers. Collaborations include Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, Kempner Collection and Tanya Taylor read more

Herbert Meets: Layla Felder

Herbert Meets: Layla Felder

Meet Layla Felder, a 13 year old opera lover that lives in Atlanta. 

I came across Layla’s Instagram page (@kaopweb) and had to reach out to find out where her love of opera came from.

So Layla, where did your love for opera come from?

When I was still in my mom’s tummy she would put headphones on her stomach and play Mozart so I could hear the music – he’s still my favorite composer to this day. When I was around two or three years old I was watching Sesame St. and Denyce Graves came on to sing “The Habañera” from Bizet’s “Carmen” to Elmo.  After she finished singing- I turned to my mom and said “Again, Again!!”    read more

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