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Matthew Jamal Scott

Herbert Meets: Matthew Jamal

Herbert Meets: Matthew Jamal 

Meet Matthew Jamal or @sunday.applepie – double bassist, composer model and student at Manhattan School of Music.

He fuses classical, jazz + latin influences to make his sound – check out track Lazo to get a good sense. 

Herbert wanted me to find out more about Matthew, his journey, dreams and upcoming EP ‘Redefined.’

Photo by: Kel Burchett 

Would I be wrong in saying that it hasn’t been straightforward for you to pursue classical music? Can you tell me a little about your journey and what’s made you keep at it? read more

Abi Wade

Herbert Meets: Abi Wade

Herbert meets: Abi Wade

Meet Abi Wade, Brighton-based cellist, singer, producer and writer.

Her brand new single ‘A Bit Like Love,’ a first offering into Abi’s truly magical musical world, was just released on Friday 19th January and was picked up by CLASH as their track of the day. Pre-Order album with exclusive interactive artwork here .

Not only that, but Abi has her own radio show ‘Celebrating the Female Voice’ on totally radio, which showcases songs across genres from the 60’s to today- check out the latest one here read more

laurence osborn

Herbert Meets: Laurence Osborn

Herbert Meets: Laurence Osborn

It’s raining, it’s cold, it’s a Monday night and Herbert has bagged a warm corner table in Yumcha soho to meet composer Laurence Osborn.

For someone so young, Osborn has already produced a pretty impressive body of work + awards and so I will admit, Herbert was a bit nervous.

There wasn’t a need – Laurence is incredibly relaxed, warm and interesting and put Herbert at ease within minutes. So we sat down with our teas – L went for – Chilli Chilli Bang Bang tea and H for Tranquillity and discussed his upcoming project Ctrl – a 20 minute opera that will premiere on November 24th at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival where Osborn is also an International Showcase Artist this year. read more

Herbert Pods: Richard Melkonian

Herbert Pod: Richard Melkonian

Richard Melkonian is a London based composer, visual artist and producer. Full bio here.

Herbert was lucky enough to sit in on a workshop for Richard’s newest composition: ‘Canto for orchestra.’ 

After, Herbert sat down with the man himself to find out a little bit more about him, the piece, and why why WHY he likes classical music. 

….without any further ado: Herbert’s first pod.  

And here is the b-eauutiful and dark ‘Canto for orchestra’  read more

Herbert Picks: 5 Best Classical Music Playlists

Herbert Picks: 5 Best Classical Music Playlists

Herbert has been asked countless times to suggest ‘good’ classical music playlists.

Your wish is my command. So here we go: 5 best classical music playlists that we’re listening to at Herbert HQ right now.  

  1. Headphone Commute Daily 

Curated by: The author behind the brilliant Headphone Commute

What to expect? 

Good and broad selection of modern classical & electronic music. Mellow, calming – perfect for bathtime. 

Follow Headphone Commute on Spotify here  read more

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