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Blair Coron

Podcast | Herbert Meets: Blair Coron ‘My Workspace’

Herbert Meets: Blair Coron 

Meet Blair Coron, Glasgow-based composer and pianist.

I saw a photo of Blair’s workspace on Instagram and   wanted to find out where it was, how Blair put it together and how important it was in Blair’s composition process and for him as an artist.  

For a podcast about blackboards, Nils Frahm, his hamster Pippin, the Scottish highlands and his EP DO/RE., listen here.


read more

Yeethoven II

Herbert Meets: Johan & Yuga | Yeethoven II

Herbert Meets: Johan & Yuga | Yeethoven II

Meet Yuga Cohler and Johan – the brains behind Yeethoven + Yeethoven II, a project that brings together the music of musical giants Ludwig van Beethoven and Kanye West.

The first instalment: Yeethoven, was performed in April 2016 with the support of the Young Musicians Foundation. It sold out, received critical acclaim and is back.

Yeethoven II ft. Yeezus (2013) and Life of Pablo (2016) premiered in The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles on December 14th and it will be performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York on January 18th, 2018. read more

laurence osborn

Herbert Meets: Laurence Osborn

Herbert Meets: Laurence Osborn

It’s raining, it’s cold, it’s a Monday night and Herbert has bagged a warm corner table in Yumcha soho to meet composer Laurence Osborn.

For someone so young, Osborn has already produced a pretty impressive body of work + awards and so I will admit, Herbert was a bit nervous.

There wasn’t a need – Laurence is incredibly relaxed, warm and interesting and put Herbert at ease within minutes. So we sat down with our teas – L went for – Chilli Chilli Bang Bang tea and H for Tranquillity and discussed his upcoming project Ctrl – a 20 minute opera that will premiere on November 24th at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival where Osborn is also an International Showcase Artist this year. read more


Herbert Meets: Okiem

Herbert Meets: Okiem

Meet OKIEM @okiemofficial – a pianist and composer who has also toured on keyboards with everyone from Leona Lewis to Tinie Tempah and Boy George.

As a soloist, he creates his signature cinematic classical sound by combining piano, orchestral instruments and synthesizers and has just released his debut solo album XIRO, which he is currently touring with his 12-piece orchestra.

 Herbert has been following Okiem for a while @okiemofficial and wanted to find out more… read more

Joseph Reuben

Herbert Meets: Joseph Reuben

Herbert Meets: Joseph Reuben

Meet Joseph Reuben – NYC based British composer, producer and artist (& not to mention incredibly stylish.) 

Herbert managed to catch Joseph at Somerset House during London Fashion Week for a shoot with the amazing Robert Spangle (the man behind ‘Thousand Yard Style’) @thousandyardstyle and a chat to discover more about Joseph, his inspirations and of course – his music.

All photographs by Robert Spangle 

So, Joseph, I don’t really know where to start – fashion, art, film, music?  Let’s just go with ‘classical’ music – read more

Sugar Vendil

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Sugar Vendil

Who? Sugar Vendil

What? NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of (a badass) all-female contemporary classical group ‘The Nouveau Classical Project’ (below)

The Nouveau Classical Project ‘brings fashion to the forefront of their performances’ by showcasing the designs of up-and-coming fashion designers. Collaborations include Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, Kempner Collection and Tanya Taylor read more

Herbert’s ‘One To Watch’ | Ilya Beshelvi

Herbert’s ‘One To Watch’ | Ilya Beshlevi

Who? Ilya Beshelvi

What? Russian composer and pianist. 

There’s not a lot of info about this guy, but he’s only 25 and he’s pretty good.

He cites Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi as inspiration. Sometimes, the Einaudi ‘inspiration’ chokes beshelvi’s sound, and some of his output is not the most inspiring, but having said that I am very excited for what he might do and I would say – one to keep a tab on.   read more

Herbert Pods: Richard Melkonian

Herbert Pod: Richard Melkonian

Richard Melkonian is a London based composer, visual artist and producer. Full bio here.

Herbert was lucky enough to sit in on a workshop for Richard’s newest composition: ‘Canto for orchestra.’ 

After, Herbert sat down with the man himself to find out a little bit more about him, the piece, and why why WHY he likes classical music. 

….without any further ado: Herbert’s first pod.  

And here is the b-eauutiful and dark ‘Canto for orchestra’  read more

Herbert Meets: Dana Al Fardan

Herbert meets: Dana Al Fardan 

Meet Dana Al Fardan, classical composer and founder of the first and only record label in Qatar, DNA records.

Earlier in September she performed her latest work ‘Sandstorm’ with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at The Theatre Royal Haymarket in London.. so I was intrigued to learn more about this (sold out) show, her influences and her experiences as an artist and business woman in the Middle East.

Is this the first time ‘Sandstorm’ has been performed live?  read more

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