Herbert Spotlight | Devonté Hynes 

Herbert had to create a new type of feature to showcase the amazing work that Dev Hynes / Devonté Hynes / Blood Orange has just created. 

Photo by Bella Howard.

dev hynes

Dev / Devonté Hynes aka. Blood Orange has just finished an artist residency at NumeroVenti, – a studio in Florence for contemporary art and design development. The studio is also open to local and international artists for co-living and studio working space 

During his time there, he composed and recorded a piece called: “Suite Per il Servo Moro” for piano & cello.

It’s boundary challenging, it’s jazzy and it’s not, it’s dark but bright, atonal and melodic but ultimately it’s fresh and it’s an experience.   

Dev’s clearly not shy from engaging with classical music. He’s also collaborated a lot with cellist Kelsey Lu and recently also interviewed legendary composer and pianist Philip Glass for NPR. Read more on this here. 

You can hear Glass references in this for sure but it’s 100% Dev. 

Listen to “Suite Per il Servo Moro” below. 


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