Herbert Uncovers: Kesley Lu 

All hail Lady Lu. 

Lu, (nb: she doesn’t like ‘kelsey’) started studying classical composition at the age of 6, picked up the cello at age 9 and studied cello performance at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Her music is thoughtful, her cello playing is real and so present and her voice is girlish, honest and haunting.

Lu is a hot topic and there are lots of great features/ interviews out there: Fact Magazine | Pitchfork | Elle | Vogue | | I-D.  She’s also fresh off her first Glastonbury appearance and has an upcoming Superbowl collaboration with Solange in September 2017.

But I’m going to put it out there –  the PR spin on Lu ‘the classical musician that caught the attention of Bloody Orange and Solange’slightly irritates me.

Dear world, I’m not surprised that she caught their attention. Lu is an authentic artist whose roots happen to be classical, it’s just what makes her her – am I right? And, why is the fact that she’s classically trained make it a surprise? It’s because, simply there is a seriousproblem with the perception of ‘classical’ & this is why artists like Lu are so important.   

In her music, her performances and her style she is expanding and enriching the genre, i don’t see what she does as a departure from classical music, it’s just adding to the tapestry.  

In 2016, Lu released an EP called ‘Church, which is a really beautiful first offering. I am now ready for an instrumental album, and heck maybe Dev and Solange could feature on that.  

So, in conclusion –  Lady Lu, please keeping doing YU. 

……Check out her beautiful music videos for ‘Empathy’ and ‘Dreams’ below:


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