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Herbert’s ‘One’s To Watch’ | Eunbi Kim

Herbert’s ‘One’s To Watch’ | Eunbi Kim

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Who? Eunbi Kim @eunbikimpiano

What? NYC-based composer and pianist.

Why? Eunbi is an advocate for arts innovation and entrepeneurship (She has held a fellowship at the Manhattan School of Music’s Center for Music Entrepreneurship & was one of just 50 artists selected for the New York Foundation for the Arts’s 2012 “Artist as Entrepreneur” program), an expert on Haruki Murakami and his use of music in his novels and also a TEDx speaker.  read more

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Samuel Sykes

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Samuel Sykes 

Who? Samuel Sykes @samuelsykescello

What? 16 year-old classical cellist currently under the tutelage of Crispin Campbell and a junior at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

Why? Apart from currently working on an album with one of his best friends, he wants to grow his instagram community with the goal to provide more resources for other classical musicians through social media.

This guy’s really ambitious and Herbert and I like what we see.   read more

Herbert’s ‘One To Watch’ | JIMEK

Herbert’s ‘One’s To Watch’ | JIMEK

Who? JIMEK or Radzimir Dębski

What? Polish conductor, composer come producer that shot to fame for his ‘Orchestrated History of Hip-Hop’ back in 2015. Nicki Minaj is a fan and he also won the Beyoncé Remix Competition in 2013.  

Watch: Hip Hop History Orchestrated by JIMEK (below) 

And Something completely different – a self released track called ‘Record Breaking Laziness.’ (Below)  read more

Sugar Vendil

Herbert’s ‘Ones To Watch’ | Sugar Vendil

Who? Sugar Vendil

What? NYC-based pianist, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of (a badass) all-female contemporary classical group ‘The Nouveau Classical Project’ (below)

The Nouveau Classical Project ‘brings fashion to the forefront of their performances’ by showcasing the designs of up-and-coming fashion designers. Collaborations include Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, Kempner Collection and Tanya Taylor read more

Herbert’s One’s To Watch | Kelsey Lu

Herbert Uncovers: Kesley Lu 

All hail Lady Lu. 

Lu, (nb: she doesn’t like ‘kelsey’) started studying classical composition at the age of 6, picked up the cello at age 9 and studied cello performance at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Her music is thoughtful, her cello playing is real and so present and her voice is girlish, honest and haunting.

Lu is a hot topic and there are lots of great features/ interviews out there: Fact Magazine | Pitchfork | Elle | Vogue | | I-D.  She’s also fresh off her first Glastonbury appearance and has an upcoming Superbowl collaboration with Solange in September 2017. read more

Herbert’s ‘One To Watch’ | Ilya Beshelvi

Herbert’s ‘One To Watch’ | Ilya Beshlevi

Who? Ilya Beshelvi

What? Russian composer and pianist. 

There’s not a lot of info about this guy, but he’s only 25 and he’s pretty good.

He cites Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi as inspiration. Sometimes, the Einaudi ‘inspiration’ chokes beshelvi’s sound, and some of his output is not the most inspiring, but having said that I am very excited for what he might do and I would say – one to keep a tab on.   read more

Herbert Uncovers: Maria Callas

Herbert Uncovers: Maria Callas 

A longer post – you have been warned. 

Everything really started for me in classical music with opera singer, Maria Callas.(1923 -1977).

I didn’t know anything (nor do I really now) about opera but I know how I felt when I first heard Callas sing – and it was ‘a lot’. I didn’t understand the words, I didn’t understand the context but when I heard this song playing from the kitchen as a teen (mum was cooking)- I felt an extraordinary wave of emotion that I had never felt from any voice or any song ever before.  read more

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